X - Vest Weight Resistance and Strengthening Vest - Small

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Xvest is a weighted resistance vest that is ideal for walking, weight loss and sports performance. It has been strategically designed to carry up to 16 half-kilogram weights, which enable you to increase the intensity of almost any activity. Also good for developing speed, explosive power and core strength.

Helps you gain strength in muscles and maintain an upright posture while you Train.

Four Sizes Available:

[add] Small

[add] Medium

[add] Large

[add] Extra Large

Additional Weight Pack 8 X 0.5kg Weights

[add] 1 Pack (4kg total)

(Note; vest is rated to carry up to 16 individual weights, = to the 4kg packaged with your X-Vest Purchase Plus 1 x Additional Weght Pack Containing 4kg of Weight. Total Capacity 8kg)

  • Available in Small/Med/Large/ExLarge
  • Supplied with 4kg Total of Individual 0.5kg weights.
  • Strategically positioned pockets.