Video Enhancer and Stabiliser

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Home VCRs are not designed to produce high quality copies of video tapes and you will usually get poor results when making copies of your favourite tapes.
By adding a small amount of high frequency boost to the video signal, this degradation can be reduced and a better copy obtained.
Picture quality & stability can be further enhanced by removing the "piggyback" information that broadcasters and videotape producers sometimes add to the basic video signal, eg. vertical interval test signals (VITS), Teletext and a range of other "extra signals". The stabiliser feature of this unt is designed to remove as many of these extra signals as possible to produce a cleaner, better quality PAL composite video signal for recording or viewing. Mains plug pack and RCA cable supplied.

  • Automatically recognies TV system of the video input.
  • Regenerates sync. and restores colour burst of the Video input to achieve an error-free standard Video output.
  • deal for use in video system, duplication of video tapes , DVDs to VHS or DVD recorders.
  • Supports Composite or S-Video inputs & outputs
  • Unit will NOT convert the Format so it can be recorded

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