Torus Torus Water Bowl Red

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The Torus Water Ring System evolved after extensive studies to identify the drinking requirements of dogs and the problems that can occur with conventional water bowls. The most important finding was that dogs do not have an adequate supply of clean drinking water. Conventional bowls store a limited capacity of water in the drinking well, offer no storage facility, are easily spilled and do not protect the water from evaporation or contamination. Torus is the latin word for 'hollow circular ring' or donut, which is the basis of the Water Ring design. Having hollow walls enables the bulk of the water to be stored inside the wall cavity, significantly reducing spillage and splashes. An ample supply of stored filtered water also ensures protection from contaminants and reduces loss through evaporation. Torus is the 'go anywhere' drinking system. The cap position when locked, secures the stored water inside the wall cavity so you can take Torus and the water wherever you go. Turn the cap to the drink setting and Torus will automatically refill the inner drinking well. Dogs need plenty of fresh, clean water to remain healthy. Please note filter needs to be changed monthly. Dimensions: 26cm in diameter, inside diameter 19cm Torus Bowl holds a capacity of 2 ltrs of water. For Images and information about product please click link below Detailed Product Specifications

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