Solar Powered LED Spotlight

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This attractive LED spotlight is ideal for protected outdoor locations and has a companion weather resistant efficient polycrystalline solar panel to keep the internal SLA battery fully charged quickly and ready for use.

The solar panel can be mounted on the spotlight body or on a separate bracket up to two metres from the light and adjusted to collect as much sunlight as possible. Excess cable can be stored on the back of the solar panel. When darkness falls, the spotlight will turn on automatically and burn for around ten hours on a full charge.

This is our highest quality system and is ideal for providing illumination or security lighting in remote areas or places were alternative power is difficult or inconvenient. The spotlight utilises 30 super bright LEDs to light up the desired area so although it wont replace a mains power light it will provide a decent amount of light with the convenience and cost effeciency of not requiring an electrician to install or run mains power.

  • Lamp measures 145(W) x 95(H) x 75(D)mm
  • Battery box measures165(W) x 90(H) x 150(D)mm
  • Solar panel measures 350(W) x 185(H) x 30(D)mm
  • Lead length approx three metres