Reelsmart MOTOReel Hose reel with wall mount + 25m x 12mm hose

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Powered by water pressure, the MOTOReel Classic provides all the benefits of the automatic reel in an enclosed case which can be wall mounted or left free standing. It also comes with a handle to allow it to be transported around the garden easily.

An extra feature with the enclosed MOTOReels is the sorting device which will guide the hose from left to right onto the reel as it is being rewound. The water pressure motor winds the hose effortlessly unlike the clunky old spring-loaded re-winder designs on the market which never seem to work properly. This unit is perfect for any domestic application with it's quality construction and modern design. Get yours today.

Comes with 30m of 12mm hose and a solid wall mount

  • Comes with 30m of 12mm hose and WALL MOUNT
  • Carry handle
  • Can be wall mounted with just 4 screws
  • Automatically rewinds at the push of a lever
  • Rewinds at a safe and constant speed
  • No metal parts or springs to rust or lose tension
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty