Lassie: New Adventures - Volume 4 (1989)

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Following on from the Emmy Award -winning success of one of the longest running television drama shows ever, Lassie was more than everybody's favourite dog - she was a worldwide phenomenon. The original series had won two Emmys and been nominated for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Children's Programming as well as winning a prestigious Peabody Award. Merchandising spin-offs included books, costumes, toys and many other items - all of which paved the way for Lassie: New Adventures in the 1980s. This new series brought Lassie right up to date, with adventures that were relevant to children and their parents everywhere. And these family-based thrills - uniting young and old in shared excitement - can be enjoyed again today. Because whatever the crises, in the home, on the street or out in the wider world, Lassie can always be relied upon to save the day.

Product Details

Media:1 Discs
Running Time:151 Minutes
Region:Region 4 DVD - Suitable for Australia and New Zealand

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