Halo Headband Protex BANDANNA (white)

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The Halo Headband Protex Bandanna channels sweat away from the eyes with it's patented technology for professional and recreational sports people who want to Stop the Sweat from Stinging their Eyes and dripping on their glasses.

It's Great for keeping the sun off your head or underhelmets and designed to stay in place during the most vigorous activities.

Micro sized perforations in the top material effectively draws out the heat and the Cool 'Dryline' Headband wicks away the moisture.

One size fits all, it Ties securely behind your head. It also incorporates a Patented thin Rubberised Strip bonded to the headband which creates a 'sweat seal' and Channels excess sweat away from your eyes to the side above your ears.

A Simply Brilliant design can be worn under helmets or on their own. Stop the sweat dripping into your eyes and put the enjoyment back into your workouts, ride or run. See How it works. Click Here

If you're into sports, you Simply Must Have this Brilliant Piece of 'Technical Head-Wear'.

"Don't sweat without it!"

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"After being introduced to the Halo Headband, I never realized how easy it was to keep the painful sweat out of my eyes…now I never run without it."
Paul Braun - Ultra Marathoner and Bicyclist
Encinitas, CA

  • Dryline double layered yet thin wicking material in a stylish and cool bandanna design
  • Patented water tight seal also prevents it from slipping
  • Perform better in competitions with less to distract your focus & comfort
  • Available in 3 colours This item is white. One size fits all
  • Made in the USA