Halo Headband - Marathon Sports Cap, Patented Design (Blue)

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The Halo Headband Sports Cap incorporates a Halo Headband cleverly fitted inside the cap and Patented to Channel Sweat away from your eyes.

Halo Hats are Well Ventilated and very light, designed for professional and recreational sports people who want to Stop the Sweat from Stinging their Eyes and dripping on their glasses.

Dryline Material and Patented Rubberised Strip Channels excess sweat away from your eyes to the side above your ears.

The headband inside also gives you that bit of extra grip, without being uncomfortable, to keep your hat in place when gusts of wind or movement try to remove it.

Stop the Sweat Dripping into Your Eyes with this 'Brilliantly Simple' and 'Truly Effective' Design. See How it works. Click Here

If you're into sports, love running or work out at the gym, you Simply Must Have this Brilliant Piece of 'Technical Head-Wear'.

"Don't sweat without it!"

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(Note; Please read below "Features" for sizing information)

"After being introduced to the Halo Headband, I never realized how easy it was to keep the painful sweat out of my eyes…now I never run without it."
Paul Braun - Ultra Marathoner and Bicyclist
Encinitas, CA

  • Dryline double layered yet thin wicking material
  • Patented 'water tight' headband incorporated into a well ventilated sports cap.
  • Take the Sting out of your training sessions
  • Perform better in competitions with less to distract your focus & comfort
  • Available in 3 Colours One size
  • This Item is Blue in Colour and a "Snug Fit" as demanded by professional athletes
  • Suitable for small, all medium and most larger sized adult heads - 60cm circumference is approximately the upper limit for size adjustment
  • For head circumferences above 60cm, Why not try our Halo headband or bandanna and wear it on it's own or under your favourite cap
  • Tip: Use a ribbon or piece of string to measure your head circumference then measure the ribbon against a ruler

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