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Don't like to turn off your computer when not using it, yet feel guilty about the power you're wasting? Your salvation is now here at the push of a button. This device puts your computer into 'ecomode' when not in use, utilising minimal electricity.

Eco ButtonYou wouldn't power down your computer because you were on the phone for ten minutes, or because you went for a quick break - but the fact is, even in "energy saving mode" your PC is still burning precious electricity which costs our planet dearly in CO2 emissions. Unless of course, you have ecobutton™!

ecobutton™ simply plugs into your USB port, you download the software from the website and bingo - with one push of the ecobutton™ your computer will shut down all functions that draw power (except for the minimum amount of memory your machine needs) and run on just 1.8 watts of power, which is much, much less than your normal standby mode could manage.

Then when you return - hit any key and you're immediately back in business! And if you're wondering how much power you've actually saved - you don't need to - because ecobutton™ will tell you! As soon as you hit a key to resume work, the ecobutton™ will show you just how much energy and how many dollars you've saved and calculate your CO2 emission savings! The potential is huge - one small click really can make one big change!

Trees will reach right out and hug you! The wind will whisper your name! Polar bears will carve your name in the ice! Bluebirds will land right on your hand! OK, possibly not. But, you will be choosing to be a part of the solution rather than the problem, and that's got to feel awesome.

When you can't flick the off-switch, hit the ecobutton™! (Just hit the "Add to Cart" one first.)

Eco Button

  • Product dimensions: 1.5(H) x 5.5(W) x 5.5(D) cm / 0.6(H) x 2.2(W) x 2.2(D) inches.
  • The ecobutton™ connects to your computer via a USB cable and puts your computer into energy saving 'ecomode' when pressed. In 'ecomode' your computer and monitor are powered down to the most economical 'sleep' mode possible for your PC.

  • By pressing any key on your keyboard your computer is returned instantly to where you left off. Upon resume, the ecobutton™ software then tells you how many carbon units and how much power and money you have saved.

  • B>NOTE: ecobutton™ will only work on Windows based PC's (Windows 2000/XP/Vista 32 bit) - a MAC version will be available later. Some older computers and some Hewlett-Packard computers may have difficulty in reactivation. This is a problem with the computer bios and not the software.

  • For more information on the ecobutton™ please visit