Bolle Sunglasses Parole Golf Matte Black Frame With 3 Lens Set G-STD Plus

by Lens 75 mm
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Bolle Parole Sunglasses, Matte Black colored frame with the G-STD Plus set of interchangeable lenses which consists of 3 pairs of lenses: one set of Eaglevision 2 Dark lenses (known as Dark Cinnamon in the past), one set of Eaglevision 2 (known as Light Cinnamon in the past) lenses and one pair of TNS lenses (for a total of 3 sets of lenses). EagleVision 2 is a high contrast cinnamon lens, which is an ideal golf lens as it highlights the breaks in the greens. Best for low light conditions on the golf course. EagleVision 2 Dark is a darker version of the original high contrast cinnamon lens, which also highlights the breaks in the greens. Ideal for bright days on the golf course. The TNS lens is True Neutral Smoke, which is a neutral density gray lens providing true color definition. Bolle recommends this lens for all purpose use. This frame can be made into a prescription pair of sunglasses by snapping in the SOS sports optical system Rx adapter behind the lenses (not included-sold separately). Includes carry case which has compartments in it to carry spare lenses, microfiber cloth, and Bolle one year warranty.

  • Includes 3 sets of interchangeable lenses: Eaglevision 2, Eaglevision 2 Dark, and TNS Grey
  • Ballistic nylon case with compartments for lenses and belt clip
  • Polycarbonate shatter resistant lenses
  • 100% UV protection
  • Fast shipping directly from our warehouse to you-no drop shipping or back order issues

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