BobjGear Bobj Rugged Case For ASUS MeMO HD7 For Models ME173X, ME173L, K00B - Protective Tablet Cover (Outrageous Orange)

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This is a custom designed rugged silicone case for your ASUS MeMO HD7 Tablet model ME173X, ME173L, K00B. (This case does not fit any other MeMO Pad 7 inch model.) This high quality case provides more drop protection and shock absorption than typical skins. The colourful and stylish case allows easy use of all functions of the MeMO HD7. This case comes in six colour choices. The rounded front bezel helps to protect your screen if you drop the MeMO HD7 face down. All corners and edges are thick silicone for additional protection. The specially designed twin chambers for the MeMO's rear portrait-facing stereo speakers are custom designed to improve stereo separation and direct a more vibrant sound to the front of the tablet. For great travel protection, this case is compatible with BobjGear Hard Side Screen Protector Tablet Bags for 7-8 inch Tablets - (Item BJGRTBHS07BLK). For easy maintenance, all Bobj® Cases are made from a high quality silicone formula which meets U.S. FDA Food Grade Requirements. The case is easily cleaned with a quick wash with warm tap water and mild hand soap or antiseptic hand soap, and dried with a lint free cloth. The ease of cleaning, plus the rugged design and snug fit makes these cases both kid-friendly, and provide protection in harsh environments. Bobj Cases are currently used in school systems and by professional businesses, but mostly by everyday tablet users who want to protect their valuable tablets.

  • Rugged high quality design throughout provides greater drop protection than "skins"
  • Rounded front bezel helps to protect the screen in a drop. Shock absorbing rounded edges and corners
  • Specifically designed to accommodate all the MeMO HD7 ME173X, ME173L, K00B ports and switches. (This case does not fit any other MeMO Pad 7 inch model.) Stylish design, in six cool colors, includes extra camera and mic protection
  • Custom designed speaker chambers provide greater stereo separation and direct the sound toward the user.
  • Makes the MeMO HD7 easier to hold - Kid friendly. Easy to clean, Food Grade Silicone.

Product Details

Dimensions:21mm x 134mm x 209mm
Manufacturer Code:BJGRASMEHD07