A Bridge Too Far

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In September 1944, flush with the success after the Normandy invasion, the Allies confidently launched Operation Market Garden, a bold plan to drop 35,000 British paratroops into Eastern Holland and to secure the six major bridges leading to the German border to end World War II by the end of 1944. But a combination of battlefield politics, faulty intelligence, bad luck and even worse weather led to disaster. Based on the Cornelius Ryan best-selling novel.

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Cast:Ryan Oneal, Liv Ullmann, Dirk Bogarde, Hardy Kruger, Laurence Olivier, Edward Fox, Anthony Hopkins, James Caan, Maximilian Schell, Elliott Gould, Robert Redford, Gene Hackman, Sean Connery, Michael Caine
Director:Richard Attenborough
Media:1 Discs
Running Time:169 Minutes
Region:Region 4 DVD - Suitable for Australia and New Zealand

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